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This is San Antonio’s museum for children and is also entertaining for the entire family. It is intended for kids and teenagers. The DoSeum includes six main exhibit rooms and two outdoor spaces as well with areas to play in water and sand and a tree house for all-day fun and learning. Come and see for yourself why the DoSeum is the place to be. There are various activities, structures, experiments and a lot of things for kids to do.

Indoor area

There are lots of hands-on and interactive activities to keep them engaged and interested. There is the wind tunnel where they can put on capes and pretend to fly around: beautiful little city- for smaller kids, and a complete grocery store with shopping carts, different sections and checkout lanes. They have a vet center with check up tools, cages, x-ray scanner, and medicine. On the construction center, they have a dump truck they can move while on the airport center it is where they can get your ticket, scan your bag and monitor the flight. There is also a reading spot with books where they can sit and read, and several activities to help kids learn how to make a story. Contraption area on the second floor is fun – kids can build their paper helicopters and fly them up and put an air tube or parachute making, domino building and robot remote controls. Plus, they can make a contraption to send the ball down the chute. There is also a big decked out ball area. And last but not least, the geography room with miniature town kids can play and build – some cool “world” games.

Outdoor area

There is an outdoor water area with lots of activities and a playground. The playground has a section where the adults can relax while the little ones are enjoying themselves on the swings or slides. The great part is, it is all enclosed with one entrance, so you do not have to worry about your litter ones slipping by you. The outdoor also have a water area and the climbing area. It is also great for picnics; they have picnic tables to have lunch at. There are a cafe and the gift shop nearby where you can buy good stuff at a reasonable price.  They also have a creek where the kids can get in and get wet. So, bring a swimsuit, towel, and change of clothes if you think your child may jump in.

This is a wonderful spot for families to spend an afternoon, regardless of the weather. Kids cannot be bored for a moment in the DoSeum. There is so much to do for little kids up to teenagers.

If you’re ever at “The DoSeum Museum” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.