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This palace is the last visible evidence of the Presidio San Antonio de Bexar and the only left model in Texas of a noble 18th-century Spanish Colonial Townhouse. The design for this National Historic Landmark building was built in 1722.  And in 1749, upon its completion, the house served as the residence and working office of the Captain of the Presidio. The palace later on became the home of the Spanish governor who resided in San Antonio. The Presidio of San Antonio de Bexar was built by the Spanish to preserve the area’s missions, which included the San Antonio de Valero Mission – The San Antonio Missions, National Historical Park, plus the expanding Spanish settlement. The Spanish Governor’s Palace is the all that is left of this significant and influential presidio.

Ghost tour

You can attend a ghost tour of the palace. The guide will give a short history of the beautiful wooden, carved front doors which tells a tale of the history of Spanish America. It is also alleged that a young girl was buried in the Chapel’s wall where her grave is marked with clear glass, and it’s framed behind the Virgin Mary. You can take the tour and discovered the real truth based upon an archaeologist’s dig. It is a beautiful building with a beautiful courtyard and rich in history.

Walking tour

The Spanish history is incredible and to get to walk around inside the house is even better. It is still set up with original furniture and magnificent artwork. They have a tour guide who gives some instructional material for a personal walking tour.  The streets are not busy, so it’s easy to walk to the market square, and right behind the city hall and then take a small stop near the cathedral. They also offer a lovely walk in the garden areas too. The tour guide is there to give information and to answer questions if you have any, you will also be provided with a pamphlet explaining lots of the history from that period.

The outdoor courtyard

The house is only about ten rooms and surrounds a large courtyard with a beautiful octagonal, fountain. Besides touring the house, take a break and sit in the lovely garden. In the summer and spring, the patio and beautiful garden areas are used as a wedding venue. National Geographic Society dubbed this landmark “the most beautiful building in San Antonio.” The building clearly takes you back in time and gives you an excellent idea of San Antonio during the 1700-1800s – no wonder it’s flooded with tourist.

If you are interested in history, then it is worth making a stop at the Spanish Governor’s Palace. The building seems tiny from outside, but inside it is quite spacious, a reasonably interesting place to visit. This small museum will provide helpful information in each room, a reading leaflet, a knowledgeable tour guide – all this for just a small fee to tour the building.

If you’re ever at “The Spanish Governors Palace” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.