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If you love nature and wildlife, then you must visit the San Antonio Zoo. There are a lot of places like Brackenridge Park but it is the most visited zoo in Texas. Everyone yearns to visit a zoo with almost every animal on earth. Although this is not possible,in San Antonio Zoo you will find nearly all the animals you want to see. This zoo is renowned for its diverse animals from different parts of earth. In this article, you will learn why San Antonio Zoo attracts over a million visitors every year and what you are missing if you have never been there. Maybe you do not have to spend a fortune travelling to Africa;the action is right here in Vancouver.

Below are significant places you should visit to make your trip to the San Antonio Zoo memorable.

Board the San Antonio Eagle

San Antonio zoo is very vast. To visit and enjoy the sceneries, you need a vehicle. There is no better way to see and discover what this vast zoo has to offer than to travel by train. You can start your journey at the San Antonio River and skirt your way to the parks. There are stop-overs at the White Museum, Japanese Tea Gardens, and the Kid Park.  The train itself is iconic. It was built in 1956, but it has not lost any of its charms. This train will help you save time so that you can enjoy many exciting places.

Visit the Butterfly Garden

Human beings are intrigued by butterflies. In San Antonio Zoo, there is an outstanding butterfly garden.It has over 30 species of these adorable creatures.Youwill love their gentleness and theirdifferentcolors as they rest on your arm.There is a lot to learn about butterflies in this famous zoo.

Converse with a Lory

Birds are interesting creatures. Parrots are the most loved birds of all.When in San Antonio,do not fail to visit the lory garden. Lory parrots, whose origin is Australia and New Guinea, have found their home here. If you are generous, you can buy a cup of lory nectar and feed one; you will never forget the experience.

Visit the Zootennial Carausel

Let’s face it; you cannot possibly find all animals in a single zoo.  To satisfy your urge of learning about animals which are not in this zoo, visit the Zootennial Carousal. There are many hand-painted animals to see. Your kid will be thrilled when riding on giant eagles as you enjoy the sculptures of different animals from across the globe. This would be a must-visit site if you came as a family.

Bottom Line

A lot of people travel to different continents like Africa to see wildlife. Such trips are costly. You do not have to do it since there are many zoos in Vancouverwhere you can see tropical animals. San Antonio zoo is leading in the list of the most crucial zoo in Americas. This zoo gets over 1 million visitors every year. You should be one of these visitors.

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