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Are you planning for a visit to Texas? A lot of other places like Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch but there is no better place to learn the history of Texas than the San Antonio National Historical Park. These monuments are so rich in history that they are already internationally known as the Spanish frontiers to the New World. In the 1700sthe lives of indigenous people of Texas changed forever.Deadly diseases from Mexico, the drought and the arrival of the Spanish with a new religion altered the culture of Indians. They changed their way of life, but you can still find essential artifacts that were left. The Catholic Church started four missions in this land to Christianize the population. You can visit these missions to learn history and enjoy the many artifacts which were built centuries ago.Below are three missions in this national park.They are miles from each other so prepare to do a lot of travelling.

The Mission Concepción

Mission Concepcion is the best preserved of all. All structures of this mission are almost intact today. The architectures were very particular in their designs.If you happen to be there around August 15th, do not fail to experience the double solar illumination effect.The western entrance is aligned to the sunset to give thisunbelievable phenomenon.It was made this way to commemorate the Assumption of Mary. Remember everything which built here by the Catholic Church. You can learn a lot of Catholicismfrom the design and artifacts of the Mission Concepcion.

The Mission Espada

Imagine you can still find a functional church today at Mission Espada after many centuries.  It was established to convert indigenous people to Catholicism.The Spanish were also interested in halting the France conquest of the New World. Visit this mission and see first hand how the clothes were made using mechanical spins. You will see the wool making demonstration if you visit on Tuesday afternoon. You will be awed by the Espada aqueducts which were built in 1748 and are still functionaltoday.

The San Juan Capistrano

The San Juan Capistrano is the most beautiful of all missions. You can walk in the Yanaguana trail which runs parallel to the famous San Antonio River. There is a lot to see in this green trail. Turtles, owls, and snakes are the most loved animals to observe as you leisurely walk along the river.  This is an oasis from the noisy city life because of its quiet appearance and wildlife. There are several demonstration farms you can visit to learn how the mission grew its food.


The SanAntonio National Historical Park comprises of four missions whose importance to the Texan history is unmatched. To preserve these historical sites, UNESCO has made this park a world heritage site. As you transverse these missions, remember they are four of the five Spanish frontiers to America. These missions made Texas in particular and America in general to be what they are today. The adaption of the Spanish culture opened doors to the migration of people from Europe to the New World.

If you’re ever at “ San Antonio Mission National Historical Park” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.