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San Antonio located in the United States of America is a place where there are not only exciting but fun things to learn and do. San Antonio has a lot of attractions like LA Villita Historic Arts Village and others. Riverwalk is known as (Paseo del Rio) is a must visit for anyone who is in San Antonio.

There are shops, restaurants, cafes that are lined at the river banks are great for anyone who wants chill while enjoying the serenity that the river provides.

The river walk came about because of a flood that left destroyed lives. This prompted the city to make plans that will ensure that the water is controlled and that kind of damage will never be experienced again.

There is a 4km long walk that you can enjoy on the banks of the river that will leave you feeling refreshed mentally when at the river walk you can,

Go for boat tours

There are boats that you and your family or friends can enjoy a ride in. This will let you get a glimpse of most of the shops without tiring your legs. You can relax as your boat glides on the clear water. The cool breeze and beautiful scenery will make you not want to get off the boat. You have the option of either boarding a general boat where you have other people with you on the ride or opt for a private one. If you are looking to propose this would be a great way to go. The boats have tours guide on them hence you can learn as well.


The restaurants and hotels along the river walk will keep you well satisfied and even asking for more. From Indian, Mexican and even continental cuisine, your taste buds will be kept busy and happy.


There are a variety of places to spend the night when you are the river walk. It all depends on your pockets. If you want to sleep in a fancy hotel, you are sure to find one; if you would rather be in a motel, then you will also be catered for. You need to note the dates when you are going to the river walk because every year Mexican make an annual pilgrimage San Antonio and that can affect your chances of getting a place to sleep .so check your calendar and make prior reservations for a stress-free trip.


If you are a shopaholic like me, then this is the place to visit. If you want it then you will find it at the Riverwalk, there is a wide range of shops that offer all the products that you may need. You can also shop for souvenirs to take back to your family and friends from the shops. If you want toturn that into an opportunity to propose, then there is a jewelry shop, if you wish to take home some arts and crafts, then you will also find a shop for that not to mention clothes and shoe shop.

If you’re ever at “ River Walk” and need to visit Our Place, here’s the driving directions.