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The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a unique African Safari style park in Texas on the outer part of San Antonio that has taken pride in caring for animals from different parts of the world. With a preserved environment where animal populations grow, and with a massive land, the ranch takes pride in displaying beautiful animal from all over the globe. The safari will take you through the beautiful landscapes and sceneries of Texas. You will enjoy an adventurous and educative trip all wrapped up in one. Along with this don’t forget to visit other attractions like San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio.

The concept is straightforward, drive along a road through a vast park, and animals come up to your car ready to eat. One bag is enough to feed per car is covered in the cost of admission; you can buy additional bags for a few dollars each. It is advised that you buy a guidebook, which has pictures and descriptions of all the animals you’ll see.


The giraffe barn is located on the front-and-center in the Walk-A-Bout, which provides the opportunity to get up close to the giraffe environment. Walk over to the habitat of the Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Lemur Island which is native to Madagascar. Peahens, Peacocks, and their offspring wander around showcasing their impressive tail feathers. The Walk-A-Bout area also features numerous primates species and bird, the Safari Trading Post gift shop, the Safari Camp Grill, and a Petting Barn. The birds know their beauty, and they will pose for photos. The Gibbons will surprise you with their aerobatic antics. There’s a small area where you can stroll around and observe other animals, such as a petting barn with goats. The same pellets are also eaten by the goats.


You can stop by the Safari Trading Post for unique souvenirs and gifts for everyone. They stock unique items such as hand-crafted jewelry and ostrich eggs that you may not see anywhere else. With a different variety of novelties, hats, shirts, and personalized gifts, you are sure to find a fabulous souvenir to remember your wildly-adventurous hike.

It is totally cool to see the different species here from the zebras, ostriches and to the llamas in the vehicle tour. This area is proudly expanding over generations in the conservation of endangered and threatened species, and into a source of education. The interaction of animals through the glass window in one’s car is unique. Adults along with children are likely to enjoy this drive. Feeding the animals is fun and gives a lot of satisfaction. It is very highly recommended to all tourists visit the Natural Bridge Caverns.

If you’re ever at “ Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.