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Are you a lover of a modern museum? Visit the McNay Museum in San Antonio, and you will discover a lot of artifacts you have never thought existed. This museum was founded by McNay back in the 1950s. Here you can find art corrections from medieval times to the modern work of icons like Paul Cezanne and Edward Hopper.Although the building was initially intended to be a home, it now hosts over 20 thousand pieces of art.The compound of this museum is vast with an area of 23 acres which is adorned by fountains, lawns and a giant fish pond. Below are some of the activities you can do and see in this extraordinary museum. Also don’t miss to visit Majestic Theatre if you are in San Antonio.

Discover the Medieval and Renaissance Art

Art is old as man. It preceded language as a mode of communication.During medieval age, art was perfected. There were more artists in the middle ages than there are today. Cameras and videos have reduced the number of artists. That is the reason why you need to visit the McNay museum to discover how life was like and the way people thought about what they saw. You can have a chance to compare modern art and ancient work and decide which is more effective in communicating.

See Exhibition by Different Artist

This museum has over 20000 artistic pieces. They are collected from international and nationally renowned artists. You will find pieces from art giants like Paul Gauguin, Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt, and many others.Each artist has his signature work.When you visit this museum, you will realize that you can never exhaust or satisfy your urges for fine art, drawing, painting, and sculptures. You can also be a judge and decide who is the best artist of all times.

Plan a Wedding at McNay

The McNay museum is beautiful outside and inside. The rooms are well kept and just amazing. There are water fountains and many types of scenery to take photographs. If you are planning for a wedding, you can contact them for a proposal. There is no better place to hold a garden wedding in San Antonio than in the McNay Museum.

Be Surprised with New Artifacts

If you visit a museum many times, you will tend to get bored because of seeing the same pieces over and over again. You cannot get tired of visiting the McNay Museum because there are new artifacts every year.People are always eager to know what is new so that they can have a glimpse of it.If this is your first visit or even your tenth, there is always something you have never seen because there is so much to see in this museum.


Since the day the McNay museum opened its doors to the public back in 1954, many have enjoyed the great work of art it offers.It hosts art from Europe and America both medieval and contemporary.This is a museum worth your visit because since you can find any genre of art.

If you’re ever at “McNay Art Museum” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.