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If you really love theater shows, then book for a show in the Majestic Theater of San Antonio. You need to feed your mind as frequently as you do to your body. A theaters best places to let your imagination out believe in anything. There are many theaters in San Antonio, but the best and most thrilling is the Majestic Theater of San Antonio. It is so famous that you have to book early despite the fact that it has a sitting capacity of over 3000 people. If you have not visited a theater of late, this is the time to explore what this theater has to offer. Along with other attractions in San Antonio like San Antonio Mission National Historical Park and others the Majestic Theater of San Antonio has distinguished itself from the other theaters because of its exciting shows. You may ask why you should visit the place; this question will be answered below in details.

Unbelievable Lightnings

A theater is all about the lights. Light helps you to appreciate what is being shown on the stage. One thing that will fascinate you at the Majestic Theater is the lighting inside this magnificent building. It is said that the bulbs were positioned after consultation with the National Geographic Society. The bulbs appear like real stars. This phenomenon will take you to a world of fantasy as you observe the great work of art.

The Almost Real Stuffed Birds

Apart from the famous peacock, you will notice other twenty-seven stuffed birds in this theater. It has the most extensive collection of stuffed birds in Texas. The most outstanding of all stuffed birds is the white peacock which looks real. You do not need to struggle to see all these parched birds as they are visible around the auditorium area.

All the stuffed birds here appear as if they can fly at any moment. When you see the majestic peacock move, you will doubt if it is stuffed. You will notice this peacock which has a huge ball that seems to rotate under his feet. If you have never understood the true meaning of work of art, you will understand it by taking some time to observe this feature. It will create an everlasting memory in your mind.  

The Sitting Capacity

This theater has a sitting capacity of 3700 people. Just imagine enjoying a play surrounded by thousands of people, all in silence and focusing on what is happening on the stage. Sounds great right? That will be the best experience ever, and it is worth your time. The seats are scientifically arranged such that no single person can miss a glimpse of any part of the play in the stage.

Parting Shot

If you are looking for a theater that will remind you of the great entertainment of old days, then the Majestic Theater of San Antonio is the place you should be. Here you will compare the old plays with the modern work of art and decide which is richer. From the great work of art to the fantastic plays performed in the theater, it is worth your time and visit.  Select what is showing on their website and book on time.

If you’re ever at “ Majestic Theatre” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.