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BioTech Water Researchers is your local water softener system and reverse osmosis filtration company. We have been at our Nacogdoches Road location since 1986, providing water softeners, San Marcos reverse osmosis, carbon and iron filters, and disinfectant systems to residents and businesses in Central Texas San Marcos. 

Since our beginning, BioTech has had the privilege of also providing quality water softener installation, repair, and more to numerous locations around the United States and the World.  Our water solutions extend to commercial, agricultural, industrial, and municipal entities and include water reclamation and desalination systems.

Water is a very basic necessity for human survival. Whether you are living in a rural area or an urban area, the quality of water is one of the most important factors to consider. Our experts at BioTech Water Researchers work towards maintaining the quality of the water supply and help to ensure that it does not become polluted. Reverse osmosis, San Marcos carbon filters, and water softeners are just some examples of possible treatments we can use for purifying water. Our team uses reverse osmosis to purify the water we are working with. Carbon filters are used to remove the harmful chemicals, while San Marcos water softeners typically remove calcium and magnesium that can cause hard water. Our organization has been coming up with different ways to cleanse this vital resource from pollutants and make it fit for human consumption. Our goal is to provide affordable drinking water to people from all across the globe.

BioTech Water Researchers strives to help our customers achieve their desired drinking water quality. We are committed to providing you with the best drinking water solution for your family! Water is a vital resource that we need to keep clean and safe for drinking and other needs. It is extremely important to be aware of how it is treated and what processes can affect its quality. We take pride in what we do because our job is essential to the health, safety, and economy of our society as they work to ensure that water stays safe for everyone. We do not take that job lightly. 

Water softeners are becoming an increasingly popular solution to hard water. They work by attaching to your pipe and removing the calcium and magnesium that cause the hardness in your water. They can help you avoid a lot of problems related to hard water, such as soap scum build-up, clogged drains, dry skin, and other issues. Our San Marcos TX water softeners have a good reputation for treating hard water problems effectively and efficiently at an affordable price and with an easy installation process.

BioTech Water Researchers also have options for hydroponics projects. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in a water-based nutrient solution, without soil. It is an innovative way to grow crops, which offers many benefits. Proper hydroponic techniques can allow for faster growth rates, better yields per unit area, greater stability of the environment, and easier control over nutrient levels. Hydroponics provides an alternative way to grow plants without using soil or fertilizers. It also uses less water than traditional farming methods and provides a more stable climate for the plant’s growth cycle because it does not depend on weather conditions to work properly. At BioTech Water Researchers, our San Marcos hydroponic systems are cutting-edge. The soil-free cultivation method allows our customers to produce food even when there is not a lot of rainfall, which means they can grow fruits and vegetables all year long. A hydroponics system is a sustainable way of growing food because it doesn’t require a lot of water or other resources. This can and will help communities conserve water and reduce their carbon footprint.

We provide our customers with a vast array of products and services that will help them find the best solution for their needs. If you need more information about our different options and how they can work for you, reach out to us! Also, if you are not sure about what type of system would work best for your location, let us know. Our experienced team of professional technicians is here to offer their expertise to provide you with the RIGHT water softener, San Marcos TX reverse osmosis, or water filtration system for your home, business, industry, or agricultural application. We are committed to providing reliable and potable water for every customer. 


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