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When travelling with children, you have no idea how to keep them occupied. Their concentration span is quite low and when bored they can cause you too much trouble. San Antonio, a city in Central Texas with a lot of attractions like shops river center, will give you lots of options to offer especially with children. One such place is the Kiddie Park. Here are top reasons why the Kiddie Park should be in your bucket list once you land in San Antonio;


Most parents will shy away from visiting amusement Parks with children. You know how it is with these little ones. They may want to try out almost everything they see in the Park. For a budget traveller, this is something you would not want to deal with especially while on vacation. Unless you risk having them have a meltdown at the Park. However, with the Kiddie Park, you have no worries. With only $20 your kids will enjoy different types of rides. The best part is that you too can ride with them for free! Where do you get such a terrific offer?

Family friendly

The park offers entertainment for all ages. No matter your age you will have something to check out at the park. For the free-spirited, you can enjoy the rides with the little ones and bring out your childhood memories. However, if you are too rigid to bring out the child in you, sit back and enjoy as the kids enjoy their fun.

You can have a party

Kids love parties, who doesn’t anyway? Throwing a birthday party for your kid at this Amusement Park will be the best way to celebrate their birthday. All you need is to prepare adequate food for the children and work with the park’s management on other logistical issues.  You will not be allowed to cook any food at the Park so ensure you have plenty. The park can offer drinks at reasonable prices. The best part is that the kids can enjoy limited rides.

A walk down history

You can only understand a community by learning their history and culture. The Kiddie Park offers you that. The park holds precious historical memories to the people of San Antonio. The park opened its doors in 1925 and is one of the oldest amusement Parks in the country. The staff have managed to keep it clean and maintain its heritage over the years. In 2009 the Park was given a facelift but maintained its classic appearance. Both the old and young will find this amusement Park a force to reckon with when it comes to history. Taking your child to this Park will give him an opportunity to understand San Antonio.

Whether you are visiting San Antonio for the first or tenth time, the Kiddie Park will always be a great place to spend some time.  Visiting during the weekday will make it better than over the weekend. But if you don’t mind too many happy faces, then the weekend will equally work for you.

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