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When visiting San Antonio set aside a day to visit the Hemisfair. This place came about in 1968.

The main reason that the park was built was to host the world fair; it was also a way to remember the time that San Antonio city was founded. Going to this park with your family and friends will make you bond and have memories that will last a lifetime. It caters for both the young and the old, so you don’t have to leave anyone home.

The tower of America

Going up to the tower that raises 750 feet high, will make you feel like you are on another planet. The magnificent views that you see from the top deck will leave you breathless. You can also wine and dine here as you overlook the city. When eating the restaurant keeps revolving around and hence you see the city in all angles.

This will increase your appetite for the delicious food and the beautiful scenery.

The tower offers a 4D Theater ride as well. This is the opportunity to take lots and lots of pictures of San Antonio and believe me they will be amazing from that height.

Magic theater

If you or your children have a love for the film, then this is the place to head.If you would wish for your child to develop an interest, then you won’t miss the opportunity to take them at the magic theater.

At the theater, you will be entertained by plays and musicals.  

The theater looks to foster the arts to the upcoming generations and hence do plays that will spark their interest.

There is a program that deals with different ages. So your child doesn’t just get entertained but can be educated at the same time. You can all enjoy musicals such as the Nutcracker and Poca hunters.


It looks more like a castle, but your children don’t have to be prim and proper. They can let loose and have the time of their life, with the swing sets, the sandpit where they can imagine that they are at the beach and build castles. There are rails and structure that the kids can use to climb, swing, leap and have more than enough fun. Don’t be worried about not having toys that the kids can use when on the sandbox, there are so many of them there that they can borrow, from shovels, tins, hula hoops and even balls.

All these and much more are to make your visit to Hemisfair Park a memorable experience that you and your family will make a point of repeating again and again. So let loose today and visit Hemisfair Park.

If you’re ever at “ Hemisfair Park” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.