Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a unique African Safari style park in Texas on the outer part of San Antonio that has taken pride in caring for animals from different parts of the world. With a preserved environment where animal populations grow, and with a massive land, the ranch takes pride in displaying beautiful animal from all over the globe. The safari will take you through the beautiful landscapes and sceneries of Texas. You will enjoy an adventurous and educative trip all wrapped up in one. Along with this don’t forget to visit other attractions like San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio.

The concept is straightforward, drive along a road through a vast park, and animals come up to your car ready to eat. One bag is enough to feed per car is covered in the cost of admission; you can buy additional bags for a few dollars each. It is advised that you buy a guidebook, which has pictures and descriptions of all the animals you’ll see.


The giraffe barn is located on the front-and-center in the Walk-A-Bout, which provides the opportunity to get up close to the giraffe environment. Walk over to the habitat of the Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Lemur Island which is native to Madagascar. Peahens, Peacocks, and their offspring wander around showcasing their impressive tail feathers. The Walk-A-Bout area also features numerous primates species and bird, the Safari Trading Post gift shop, the Safari Camp Grill, and a Petting Barn. The birds know their beauty, and they will pose for photos. The Gibbons will surprise you with their aerobatic antics. There’s a small area where you can stroll around and observe other animals, such as a petting barn with goats. The same pellets are also eaten by the goats.


You can stop by the Safari Trading Post for unique souvenirs and gifts for everyone. They stock unique items such as hand-crafted jewelry and ostrich eggs that you may not see anywhere else. With a different variety of novelties, hats, shirts, and personalized gifts, you are sure to find a fabulous souvenir to remember your wildly-adventurous hike.

It is totally cool to see the different species here from the zebras, ostriches and to the llamas in the vehicle tour. This area is proudly expanding over generations in the conservation of endangered and threatened species, and into a source of education. The interaction of animals through the glass window in one’s car is unique. Adults along with children are likely to enjoy this drive. Feeding the animals is fun and gives a lot of satisfaction. It is very highly recommended to all tourists visit the Natural Bridge Caverns.

If you’re ever at “ Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

San Antonio Zoo

If you love nature and wildlife, then you must visit the San Antonio Zoo. There are a lot of places like Brackenridge Park but it is the most visited zoo in Texas. Everyone yearns to visit a zoo with almost every animal on earth. Although this is not possible,in San Antonio Zoo you will find nearly all the animals you want to see. This zoo is renowned for its diverse animals from different parts of earth. In this article, you will learn why San Antonio Zoo attracts over a million visitors every year and what you are missing if you have never been there. Maybe you do not have to spend a fortune travelling to Africa;the action is right here in Vancouver.

Below are significant places you should visit to make your trip to the San Antonio Zoo memorable.

Board the San Antonio Eagle

San Antonio zoo is very vast. To visit and enjoy the sceneries, you need a vehicle. There is no better way to see and discover what this vast zoo has to offer than to travel by train. You can start your journey at the San Antonio River and skirt your way to the parks. There are stop-overs at the White Museum, Japanese Tea Gardens, and the Kid Park.  The train itself is iconic. It was built in 1956, but it has not lost any of its charms. This train will help you save time so that you can enjoy many exciting places.

Visit the Butterfly Garden

Human beings are intrigued by butterflies. In San Antonio Zoo, there is an outstanding butterfly garden.It has over 30 species of these adorable creatures.Youwill love their gentleness and theirdifferentcolors as they rest on your arm.There is a lot to learn about butterflies in this famous zoo.

Converse with a Lory

Birds are interesting creatures. Parrots are the most loved birds of all.When in San Antonio,do not fail to visit the lory garden. Lory parrots, whose origin is Australia and New Guinea, have found their home here. If you are generous, you can buy a cup of lory nectar and feed one; you will never forget the experience.

Visit the Zootennial Carausel

Let’s face it; you cannot possibly find all animals in a single zoo.  To satisfy your urge of learning about animals which are not in this zoo, visit the Zootennial Carousal. There are many hand-painted animals to see. Your kid will be thrilled when riding on giant eagles as you enjoy the sculptures of different animals from across the globe. This would be a must-visit site if you came as a family.

Bottom Line

A lot of people travel to different continents like Africa to see wildlife. Such trips are costly. You do not have to do it since there are many zoos in Vancouverwhere you can see tropical animals. San Antonio zoo is leading in the list of the most crucial zoo in Americas. This zoo gets over 1 million visitors every year. You should be one of these visitors.

If you’re ever at “ San Antonio Zoo” and need to visit San Antonio Water Softeners, here’s the driving directions.

Brackenridge Park

The 343.7 acres Park opened its doors in 1889 in San Antonio. There are a lot of other attractions like The  Magicians Agency but it has since remained a major tourist attraction and a great place to enjoy your day. 

Visiting this park will make you spoilt for choice on what kind of activities to do or what sights to see.

George Washington Brackenridge gave the land, hence the name Brackenridge Park.

The park has a variety of attractions like the San Antonio’s zoo, the Sunken Garden Theater, Witte Museum, Japanese gardens. There is also a baseball field, pavilion and playgrounds.


The park has trails within that are suitable for biking, or hiking. The path is 0.9 miles long, so that is enough for you to break a sweat. If you don’t feel like walking, then you can bike and enjoy the outdoor warmth. You and your whole family can carry bikes and ride along as you laugh and make merry.  The park is, so you don’t have an excuse to leave (man’s best friend) at home. He/she is part of the family, so it is only right that they share in the memories being made. This would be a great a way to connect more and yet do some much-needed exercise for everybody.

Train rides

There is a small train within the park that can be a great source of enjoyment for you and your loved ones. It is always better to visit the park during weekdays because of the large number of patrons that frequent the place during weekends. You could still have a nice picnic after the train ride. Seating and relaxing as you look around or chat with your family will be an excellent way to spend the day. For the romantics at heart, you can also take your dear one on a date at the park. Pack some sandwiches, fruits, and a drink and make that date happen. You don’t have to take someone to a fancy restaurant to have a good time.


The children have a place to run and be free here. Some sandboxes will make them have fun for hours on end. There is even a baseball field that if you feel like throwing a ball or two. Here you and the kids can carry your uniforms and be the best players in the world.

The park is also privileged to have a golf course; you can teach your kids to play this sport.

Brackenridge Park is great because with everything that goes on you will have a chance to expose the kids to positive things. You should not have a dull day at home when the largest park in San Antonio’s has a lot of exciting things to offer.Go out and have a blast and yet not breaking the bank.

If you’re ever at “ Brackenridge Park” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

The Magicians Agency

Almost everybody is wowed by magic; the fact that an object can be seen one minute and disappears the next is truly an exciting factor.  When in San Antonio the best place to go and be mesmerized is at the Magicians Agency. Am sure you are wondering what that means, well a group of skillful, secretive, magicians whose aim is to make the planet earth a better and a safer place to live. You shouldn’t also miss the Mission Trail attractions.

In the whimsical building, you and your family or friends can enjoy a day of close up magic with the performers doing their acts and illusions near you. These professional illusions will make you think of the impossible being impossible. Reasons to visit the agency can be,

Bond with the family

This would be a great memory for you and your family, imagine having one of you selected by the magicians to help them out on stage. Imagine the kind of amusement that would be having part of the illusions. You would surely have that to talk about for many years to come and help you spend more time with your kids and spouse.


For you to see this fantastic showcase of craftsmanship, you don’t have to break the bank. The tickets are quite pocket-friendly with children paying $24.99; this amount gets them an entrée, side, drink and of course the entry ticket.

The adults are required to pay $34.99 which is $10 more than for the kids, and they get to have an entry ticket, entrée, side, and a beverage too. With such amounts, it will be a shame to miss visiting the theater.

Party up

If you have a party what an awesome event it would turn out if there was a magician, the guests would remember the illusions for days to come. The Magicians Agency can provide you with talented magicians to entertain your guests for hire. They can perform on any occasion be it a corporate event, birthday party, wedding reception, and even an anniversary party.

The Magicians Agency is a just a call away to make you and your guests smile all the time.

As a profession

A lot of children and even adults may lean towards being a magician, but because of life’s pressures, they tend to think that it will be a stupid or unreasonable career choice.

Being able to interact with the magicians at the agency can help them deviate from those fears, they can be encouraged to become a magician and still be able to pay their bills just like all other people who work in different areas.

Remember the magicians are professionally trained and have years of practice to back up on hence no tricks that have been witnessed should be tried at home. It may be dangerous and lead infliction of body injuries whether to personal self or others.

If you’re ever at “The Magicians Agency” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

Mission Trail

When in San Antonio it is imperative that you visit the mission trail along with Morgan’s Wonderland. The trail consists of buildings that housed the missions when they were spreading Christianity. There is a lot of history that can be unveiled from the mission houses but apart from that you can also


This will be an excellent place for you to hike with family and friends. Most people nowadays are so used to driving, taking a bus or a train to wherever they go limiting the number of times that they get to walk.

Walking is a great way to burn off excess fat in our bodies and any opportunities that come along to do it should be taken. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see some wild animals along the way.

Even though it would be a good idea to sweat off some toxins, if for one reason or another you can’t manage to do that then some bicycles can be rented and used within the trail.

Bike it

If you have a bike with you, then it would be an ideal place to use it, as long as you are sure that it is well maintained because some areas can be quite hilly. It may force you to walk your bike in some places, but when you get back on it again, you will enjoy the weather, scenery as you bike along.

Be enlightened

It said that knowledge is power hence learning about the history of the missions and their cultures will make you a smarter person. Going from one mission house to another while learning can be quite an unforgettable experience, you can walk around as you immerse yourself in the cultures and history of the Spanish people. The best thing is that the missions are very close to one another making it easier for you and family to visit as many as possible in a short span of time.

You are going to see the Mission San Jose (Queen of the missions) which happens to be the largest of the mission churches.

This mission was renovated, and the grounds have a museum, a bookstore, and ranger-led tours.

Then there is mission Conception which is a beautiful Spanish architecture with twin bell towers, fresco painting, and arched hallways. If you happen to be able to view it in the evening, then you will be mesmerized by the glow that reflects on it.

You get to see Mission San Juan Capistrano which was founded in 1716 but the place became an agricultural field where fruits and vegetables grew in abundance.

Note: If you pay $3 you can have an all-day pass on a bus. This will enable you to see all the mission houses.

If you’re ever at “ Mission Trail” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

Morgan’s Wonderland

If you are trying to find the ideal island for a memorable tour in Vancouver, then look no further. Just visit the Morgan Wonder world and Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling because both are great places to visit. Morgan Wonder world is a few miles from San Antonio airport. This island is the best destination for lovers of tropical climate who are physically challenged. It is renowned countrywide because of its beautiful beaches and splash pads. Morgan Island is also known as the Wonderland because many activities which cannot be done in other parks due to immobility are possible here. It is the world first and the only theme island. Everything you find here from the attractions to activities has been made to be accessible to everyone despite the physical challenges. If you have never visited this place, read on to discover why this Wonder world is famous worldwide. Below are some amusing activities which will make your stay in this island enjoyable and memorable.

Experience Off-road Driving

Everyone can enjoy what this island offers.The off-road bikes can be used by physically challenged and anybody else to explore various attractions or just for enjoyment. Here, you can have an experience of the favorite off-road sport you see on television.If you think you know off-road driving, test your skills by joining the off-road adventure. You will love the experience. You can enjoy the Wonderland Express train which transverses in this island landscape also.If you have limited time to spend, you can see a lot thanks to this wonderful train.

Ride on the Carousel

Some people like passive sports while for others physically demanding sports is what attracts them. Whatever your taste, you can find something spectacular to do in MorganWonderworld. You can select oneof the many animals in the carousel and get a ride of your life. There are flying horses (almost literally) donkeys and birds. The horses rise to 5 stories giving you that flying experience. Despite your preferences, you will enjoy the adrenal splashing activities of this island.

Eat at Morgan Island Restaurant

Everything in this wonderland is inclusive. Even the hotels are easy to access for people with immobility challenges. After spending your time enjoying the many attractions this island offers, you can satisfy your hunger pangs at the Morgan IslandRestaurant. The Morgan restaurant is reputed to make the best barbeque and chicken in Texas.Their fries are also mouth watering.In conformity with the Morgan inclusivity, this restaurant caters for vegetarians. It also minds the people who are gluten intolerant. You can also find the Caribbean and Jamaican food here.


Everyone deserves to have a good time despite the physical limitations. If you have a family member who is physically challenged, this is a place you should consider coming for a family vacation. Morgan Wonderland is known worldwide for helping physically challenged individuals to enjoy many fun-filled activities.It is also frequentedby the able-bodied people also. The Morgan Wonderworld was created to be enjoyed by everyone because the owner had a personal experience with a differently-abled daughter.

If you’re ever at “ Morgan’s Wonderland” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

If you have the love for a bit of beer or bourbon every other day, then you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit San Antonio’s Ranger creek and River Walk. You will be taught how beer and whiskey are made. You get to see the raw products turn into the beer that you love so much. This is the only brewery found in Texas so having a chance to be able to take a tour inside and seeing what happens there is a must. Apart from the guests being educated on how beer is processed, they can even do the following,


You will have a chance also to taste the delicious beer and whiskeys on site. The can offer you handcrafted cocktails as well. There is a food truck there, so you don’t have to be scared about drinking on an empty stomach. You and your family can take time to order and eat light snacks made from the truck.  They serve cheese and meat plates as well. So you have something to munch on and keep hunger at bay.

General events

If you thought that the Ranger’s Creek is for adults alone then you are greatly mistaken, you and your whole family can go for the tour and later enjoy the pizza night. There are days when there is jazz and cocktail themed event.

Good music, great food and refreshing beer or bourbon at your disposal what more could you ask for?

There is also an artisan market where you can see, and interact with them and learn more.

Private events

If you have a party that you want to host and you are thinking of a venue, then Rangers creek is the perfect location for them. Whether it is an office party, birthday party, retirement party or just lunch, your guests will be delighted by this place.

Being able to cater to up to 250 guests, you won’t have any excuse that you have a large party.

If you decide to rent out the venue then you will also be provided with tables and a chair as well, isn’t that a deal.

Gift shops

This place gives you a chance to take a piece of Ranger’s Creek home with you. You can buy the glass wares, merchandise, and apparel that will make you remember the fabulous tour and experience that you had at the brewery every time you look at it.

It costs you $15 to be able to go on this exciting tour, get a sample of whiskey, a beer, and a souvenir glass. The tour generally takes about 45 minutes. Those 45 minutes might be less but what you learn from there will forever be on your mind.

If you’re ever at “Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling” and need to visit Biotech, here’s the driving directions.


River Walk

San Antonio located in the United States of America is a place where there are not only exciting but fun things to learn and do. San Antonio has a lot of attractions like LA Villita Historic Arts Village and others. Riverwalk is known as (Paseo del Rio) is a must visit for anyone who is in San Antonio.

There are shops, restaurants, cafes that are lined at the river banks are great for anyone who wants chill while enjoying the serenity that the river provides.

The river walk came about because of a flood that left destroyed lives. This prompted the city to make plans that will ensure that the water is controlled and that kind of damage will never be experienced again.

There is a 4km long walk that you can enjoy on the banks of the river that will leave you feeling refreshed mentally when at the river walk you can,

Go for boat tours

There are boats that you and your family or friends can enjoy a ride in. This will let you get a glimpse of most of the shops without tiring your legs. You can relax as your boat glides on the clear water. The cool breeze and beautiful scenery will make you not want to get off the boat. You have the option of either boarding a general boat where you have other people with you on the ride or opt for a private one. If you are looking to propose this would be a great way to go. The boats have tours guide on them hence you can learn as well.


The restaurants and hotels along the river walk will keep you well satisfied and even asking for more. From Indian, Mexican and even continental cuisine, your taste buds will be kept busy and happy.


There are a variety of places to spend the night when you are the river walk. It all depends on your pockets. If you want to sleep in a fancy hotel, you are sure to find one; if you would rather be in a motel, then you will also be catered for. You need to note the dates when you are going to the river walk because every year Mexican make an annual pilgrimage San Antonio and that can affect your chances of getting a place to sleep .so check your calendar and make prior reservations for a stress-free trip.


If you are a shopaholic like me, then this is the place to visit. If you want it then you will find it at the Riverwalk, there is a wide range of shops that offer all the products that you may need. You can also shop for souvenirs to take back to your family and friends from the shops. If you want toturn that into an opportunity to propose, then there is a jewelry shop, if you wish to take home some arts and crafts, then you will also find a shop for that not to mention clothes and shoe shop.

If you’re ever at “ River Walk” and need to visit Our Place, here’s the driving directions.

LA Villita Historic Arts Village

If all you want is to have a relaxing day and shop, then you need to go to La Villita Historic art village. The art village can lead you to the San Antonio River walk, and other sites like San Pedro Springs Park that are popular in San Antonio. This is among the very first neighborhoods that sprung up in San Antonio. When the city flooded the Mayor decided to keep the area as part of the history. The natives that used to live there replaced the huts for more modern houses when they rebuilt their homes. As a way to help the villagers get back on their feet and be able to earn some money, the villagers were sponsored to learn how to craft and paint by their Mayor. This led to a considerable number of people trading in the arts and crafts.

Later on, the village got settlers from France, Germany, and Italy. These boosted the economic situation of the natives because businesses started coming up and flourishing. The village has shops and stores that sell things like

Arts and Crafts

The shops here have a variety of art that you can choose from, some paintings are oil-based, while others are water-based. You will find all sorts of sculptures here, made from wood, metals and even stones. There is a lot of creativity that will keep you awed for a while. The arts also tell a story about their heritages and cultures.

The arts also differ in prices, there are some that are reasonable, but others can be quite expensive depending on the painting itself or sculpture. The locals also make and sell jewelry. Apart from wearing these pieces of jewelry and looking stylish all by yourself, you could buy them as gifts for your friends back home.


Many restaurants in the village will tantalize your taste buds. They cook authentic Spanish dished if you want to sample some. You can sit and relax at one of the restaurants with your family and friends and eat to your fill. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have any other kind of cuisine, some restaurants serve continental, Indian, Italian and many more.

The Cos house

Long ago there was a general named Martin Perfecto de Cos who used to live in La Villita Historic Village, and when the Texan forces defeated them, he surrendered at his house. This home is now a historic place, and many people go there to see it and try to get a feel of history. The house also acts as a venue for people who want to hold parties and any private event.

You truly have a reason to visit this historic place and learn more about the Spanish Culture.

If you’re ever at “ LA Villita Historic Arts Village” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

San Pedro Springs Park

Would you like to visit the oldest park in Texas? San Pedro Springs Park is the place you should be. It is the second oldest park in the United States of America. It was established in 1965, and since then many have enjoyed sports, leisure, and history in this reputed park. You will be amazed by its size. Forty-six acres for a park is just too much. Like all other attractions such as Six Flags Fiesta Texas, you cannot finish all the attraction sites in this park on your first visit. You have to choose just a few for each time you visit. To start, you can visit the following attractions.

The San Pedro Springs Pool

In summer it is scorching in San Antonio. There is nothing as refreshing as cool waters of a beautiful pool in the height of the heat. In San Pedro pool you do not have to pay anything; pass through the showers and jump to the inviting waters. If you are tired and hot in San Antonio, you can refresh yourself by visiting this pool because it is only a few kilometers from the city center. The pool is adorned with beautiful cypress trees making it look natural. The green surroundings ensure that the water is always crisp despite the scorching sun of the Texans summer.

The San Pedro Library

Maybe you like reading. Everybody does. Just next to the San Pedro pool,you will find thewell-stocked San Pedro library. There are different types of books to enrich yourself with. You can start by historical books which will enable you to know the history of San Antonio city which by far is the history of the United States of America.There are books on animals, nature, wildlife, and religion also. What is more exciting is that you can carry a book and read resting on the San Pedro Spring.

This Spring Gave Birth to San Antonio

Everything you see in San Antonio would not have happened without this spring. Despite the provision of fresh water, San Pedro springs attracted the Indians centuries ago who formed villages. The settlers were drawn here by the towns and the spring. The first settlement was next to this spring. The park has preserved it uniqueness for all generations to behold.

Very Old and Very Vast

San Pedro springs park is ancient.It was among the first parks to be recognized by the government.It is also immense; you cannot possibly see everything in this park in one visit. This park covers an area of 46 acres.There are a lot of activities to do in this park apart from swimming; you can play softball, ride bikes, or walk and be together with nature.


San Pedro springs park is the cornerstone of the San Antonio city. This is the ground zero of where the Spanish settled and started converting Indians. The Texan government has preserved it because it represents what the people of Texas hold dear. You will realize many amenities in this park are free.

If you’re ever at “fill in location” and need to visit us, here’s the driving directions.