SeaWorld San Antonio

Explore the exotic marine life of SeaWorld San Antonio, where exciting adventures, breathtaking rides, and enchanting, meeting some of the world’s most amazing creatures. Dive into this beautiful underwater kingdom and see some of the most amazing marine animals. Once inside, you’ll discover the perfect combination of amusement park fun and wildlife exploration. Venture into the Penguin Encounter show where more than 90 different kinds of penguins play, swim and dive or check out the famous Dolphin Cove. The adrenaline enthusiasts can travel straight to The Great White to test their limits with the 360-degree flip and loops on an exciting coaster that race around the lane at approximately 50 miles per hour.

Roller Coasters

Experience thrilling coasters and amazing rides for the whole family. They have a variety to choose from, first is the Wave Breaker: This ride drives you on an exciting adventure with the SeaWorld Rescue Team in their search to assist the animal in danger. Or head to the Rio Loco, which is a big splash and a crazy river made for one exciting ride in a circular raft. Test yourself to the 360-degree flips and experience fun on the SeaWorld San Antonio coasters, the Great White Roller Coaster. The pace is approximately 50 mph on a floorless run of breathtaking loops, corkscrews, and sharp curves. Last but not least, try the Steel Eel. This roller coaster features a vertical drop of 15 stories followed by a series of camelbacks that provide periods of weightlessness.

Backstage tour

Animal lovers everywhere will love the backstage trips that provide incredible up close and personal interaction with these remarkable creatures of the sea. You will get a chance to make friends with a sea lion, reach out and touch a penguin or feed an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

Bars and Restaurants

Discover a variety of dining choices from sit-down restaurants featuring burgers, BBQ, pizza, and plant-based choices to several snack shops in the park. These include the Sea Star Market & Cafe, Shamu’s Smokehouse, the Rio Grille, and many more! Various assortments of sweets are also available at Shamu Soft Server, Azul Treats, or Polar Parlor. Alternatively, head to the Beer Garden and sit around the lake while enjoying a cold beer. They offer a wide selection of beers; you can enjoy local as well as beers from around the world.

Family shows

In addition to exciting rides, tasty eateries, and backstage tours, the shows at SeaWorld San Antonio also provides beautiful saltwater creatures like killer whales, sea lions, beluga whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, and more. Not only will you be impressed by what these awesome animals can do, but you’ll also have the chance to learn all about life underneath the ocean. Take note; these animals are large so expect lots of big splashes throughout each show!

SeaWorld also has a variety of shows that are fun for the whole family. Be inspired by fantastic performances and shows that display the bond between the animals and their trainer. A trip to SeaWorld San Antonio will always be a favorite for many because of its unique experience.

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The DoSeum Museum

This is San Antonio’s museum for children and is also entertaining for the entire family. It is intended for kids and teenagers. The DoSeum includes six main exhibit rooms and two outdoor spaces as well with areas to play in water and sand and a tree house for all-day fun and learning. Come and see for yourself why the DoSeum is the place to be. There are various activities, structures, experiments and a lot of things for kids to do.

Indoor area

There are lots of hands-on and interactive activities to keep them engaged and interested. There is the wind tunnel where they can put on capes and pretend to fly around: beautiful little city- for smaller kids, and a complete grocery store with shopping carts, different sections and checkout lanes. They have a vet center with check up tools, cages, x-ray scanner, and medicine. On the construction center, they have a dump truck they can move while on the airport center it is where they can get your ticket, scan your bag and monitor the flight. There is also a reading spot with books where they can sit and read, and several activities to help kids learn how to make a story. Contraption area on the second floor is fun – kids can build their paper helicopters and fly them up and put an air tube or parachute making, domino building and robot remote controls. Plus, they can make a contraption to send the ball down the chute. There is also a big decked out ball area. And last but not least, the geography room with miniature town kids can play and build – some cool “world” games.

Outdoor area

There is an outdoor water area with lots of activities and a playground. The playground has a section where the adults can relax while the little ones are enjoying themselves on the swings or slides. The great part is, it is all enclosed with one entrance, so you do not have to worry about your litter ones slipping by you. The outdoor also have a water area and the climbing area. It is also great for picnics; they have picnic tables to have lunch at. There are a cafe and the gift shop nearby where you can buy good stuff at a reasonable price.  They also have a creek where the kids can get in and get wet. So, bring a swimsuit, towel, and change of clothes if you think your child may jump in.

This is a wonderful spot for families to spend an afternoon, regardless of the weather. Kids cannot be bored for a moment in the DoSeum. There is so much to do for little kids up to teenagers.

If you’re ever at “The DoSeum Museum” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

The Briscoe Western Art Museum

The museum situated on the banks of the San Antonio River Walk in the heart of downtown which brings to life the lively culture and heritage of the Western United States. This wonderfully reconstructed 1930s former San Antonio Public Library building provides a permanent collection of Western art and artifacts presented in nine galleries. Through painting, photography, historical relics, and sculpture, the Briscoe create stories of the American Indian, American Cowboy, Vaquero, pioneering women, and others that define the American West. There is an outside garden which houses many outstanding sculptures and the work inside the museum is just as impressive. Only three small floors but definitely worth the time; their Western Art collection is awesome! The colossal bronze sculpture of a cowboy driving cattle along the River Walk behind the museum is undoubtedly striking as you walked into the museum to see what is inside.

The Exhibition

The exhibition has three levels. Level 1:  Artists tell their tales of the American West through sculptures and paintings. Inspiration from the earlier disputes, vast panoramas, and new and old traditions converge here to show how the West was founded. In level 2:  The American West is seen through the eyes of the “newcomers” as adventure, romantic, desert and opportunities. Artists get the chance to show their dreams and concerns about the West. The Native peoples and newcomers view the American West as home, a place to care for or nurture. The final level shows the times of native warriors or hunters on horses to closed wagons moving across the rough territory to railroads; the American West has developed from its “romantic” times.  This level also shows how the American West is continuously progressing.

Pancho Villas

The artifact collection is marvelous, from Pancho Villas saddle to a Cannon used at the Alamo battle. The various artwork throughout is superb, the best collection of Western art. There are marvelous paintings, beautiful bronzes, a prairie wagon, a stagecoach, and even a parade saddle of Pancho Villa where you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the magnitude and ferocity of the Battle. Western art and Indian drawing developed in 1860 including, Hollywood and Pancho Villa, rebel, movie stars, hero, outlaws. Outstanding Western art and sculptures fill this beautiful building. They also have interesting contemporary Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery. Do not miss this exceptional display of Mexican folk art paintings at the Briscoe.

From the huge bronze in the entrance to the most delicate oil painting, from the Buffalo Indian Head motif throughout the building to the leather on the staircase – this museum is unique. It also has a museum shop which sells jewelry, books, soaps, leather goods, and other western-themed souvenirs/gifts. They also have several stations at displays in the museum where you can put on earphones and listen to recordings and histories of the display.

If you’re ever at “The Briscoe Western Art Museum ” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

The Spanish Governors Palace

This palace is the last visible evidence of the Presidio San Antonio de Bexar and the only left model in Texas of a noble 18th-century Spanish Colonial Townhouse. The design for this National Historic Landmark building was built in 1722.  And in 1749, upon its completion, the house served as the residence and working office of the Captain of the Presidio. The palace later on became the home of the Spanish governor who resided in San Antonio. The Presidio of San Antonio de Bexar was built by the Spanish to preserve the area’s missions, which included the San Antonio de Valero Mission – The San Antonio Missions, National Historical Park, plus the expanding Spanish settlement. The Spanish Governor’s Palace is the all that is left of this significant and influential presidio.

Ghost tour

You can attend a ghost tour of the palace. The guide will give a short history of the beautiful wooden, carved front doors which tells a tale of the history of Spanish America. It is also alleged that a young girl was buried in the Chapel’s wall where her grave is marked with clear glass, and it’s framed behind the Virgin Mary. You can take the tour and discovered the real truth based upon an archaeologist’s dig. It is a beautiful building with a beautiful courtyard and rich in history.

Walking tour

The Spanish history is incredible and to get to walk around inside the house is even better. It is still set up with original furniture and magnificent artwork. They have a tour guide who gives some instructional material for a personal walking tour.  The streets are not busy, so it’s easy to walk to the market square, and right behind the city hall and then take a small stop near the cathedral. They also offer a lovely walk in the garden areas too. The tour guide is there to give information and to answer questions if you have any, you will also be provided with a pamphlet explaining lots of the history from that period.

The outdoor courtyard

The house is only about ten rooms and surrounds a large courtyard with a beautiful octagonal, fountain. Besides touring the house, take a break and sit in the lovely garden. In the summer and spring, the patio and beautiful garden areas are used as a wedding venue. National Geographic Society dubbed this landmark “the most beautiful building in San Antonio.” The building clearly takes you back in time and gives you an excellent idea of San Antonio during the 1700-1800s – no wonder it’s flooded with tourist.

If you are interested in history, then it is worth making a stop at the Spanish Governor’s Palace. The building seems tiny from outside, but inside it is quite spacious, a reasonably interesting place to visit. This small museum will provide helpful information in each room, a reading leaflet, a knowledgeable tour guide – all this for just a small fee to tour the building.

If you’re ever at “The Spanish Governors Palace” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

Hemisfair Park

When visiting San Antonio set aside a day to visit the Hemisfair. This place came about in 1968.

The main reason that the park was built was to host the world fair; it was also a way to remember the time that San Antonio city was founded. Going to this park with your family and friends will make you bond and have memories that will last a lifetime. It caters for both the young and the old, so you don’t have to leave anyone home.

The tower of America

Going up to the tower that raises 750 feet high, will make you feel like you are on another planet. The magnificent views that you see from the top deck will leave you breathless. You can also wine and dine here as you overlook the city. When eating the restaurant keeps revolving around and hence you see the city in all angles.

This will increase your appetite for the delicious food and the beautiful scenery.

The tower offers a 4D Theater ride as well. This is the opportunity to take lots and lots of pictures of San Antonio and believe me they will be amazing from that height.

Magic theater

If you or your children have a love for the film, then this is the place to head.If you would wish for your child to develop an interest, then you won’t miss the opportunity to take them at the magic theater.

At the theater, you will be entertained by plays and musicals.  

The theater looks to foster the arts to the upcoming generations and hence do plays that will spark their interest.

There is a program that deals with different ages. So your child doesn’t just get entertained but can be educated at the same time. You can all enjoy musicals such as the Nutcracker and Poca hunters.


It looks more like a castle, but your children don’t have to be prim and proper. They can let loose and have the time of their life, with the swing sets, the sandpit where they can imagine that they are at the beach and build castles. There are rails and structure that the kids can use to climb, swing, leap and have more than enough fun. Don’t be worried about not having toys that the kids can use when on the sandbox, there are so many of them there that they can borrow, from shovels, tins, hula hoops and even balls.

All these and much more are to make your visit to Hemisfair Park a memorable experience that you and your family will make a point of repeating again and again. So let loose today and visit Hemisfair Park.

If you’re ever at “ Hemisfair Park” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

Kiddie Park

When travelling with children, you have no idea how to keep them occupied. Their concentration span is quite low and when bored they can cause you too much trouble. San Antonio, a city in Central Texas with a lot of attractions like shops river center, will give you lots of options to offer especially with children. One such place is the Kiddie Park. Here are top reasons why the Kiddie Park should be in your bucket list once you land in San Antonio;


Most parents will shy away from visiting amusement Parks with children. You know how it is with these little ones. They may want to try out almost everything they see in the Park. For a budget traveller, this is something you would not want to deal with especially while on vacation. Unless you risk having them have a meltdown at the Park. However, with the Kiddie Park, you have no worries. With only $20 your kids will enjoy different types of rides. The best part is that you too can ride with them for free! Where do you get such a terrific offer?

Family friendly

The park offers entertainment for all ages. No matter your age you will have something to check out at the park. For the free-spirited, you can enjoy the rides with the little ones and bring out your childhood memories. However, if you are too rigid to bring out the child in you, sit back and enjoy as the kids enjoy their fun.

You can have a party

Kids love parties, who doesn’t anyway? Throwing a birthday party for your kid at this Amusement Park will be the best way to celebrate their birthday. All you need is to prepare adequate food for the children and work with the park’s management on other logistical issues.  You will not be allowed to cook any food at the Park so ensure you have plenty. The park can offer drinks at reasonable prices. The best part is that the kids can enjoy limited rides.

A walk down history

You can only understand a community by learning their history and culture. The Kiddie Park offers you that. The park holds precious historical memories to the people of San Antonio. The park opened its doors in 1925 and is one of the oldest amusement Parks in the country. The staff have managed to keep it clean and maintain its heritage over the years. In 2009 the Park was given a facelift but maintained its classic appearance. Both the old and young will find this amusement Park a force to reckon with when it comes to history. Taking your child to this Park will give him an opportunity to understand San Antonio.

Whether you are visiting San Antonio for the first or tenth time, the Kiddie Park will always be a great place to spend some time.  Visiting during the weekday will make it better than over the weekend. But if you don’t mind too many happy faces, then the weekend will equally work for you.

If you’re ever at “ Kiddie Park” and need to visit Bio Tech Water, here’s the driving directions.

Shops at River Center

This shopping mall is situated in downtown San Antonio on the River Walk. There are many stores and shops, and there are also many restaurants, and cafes close by. Shops at River Center are your portal to downtown San Antonio and are convenient to the Alamo, Convention Center, and The River Walk. Along with McNay Art Museum It is a great place to cool down while trying to visit San Antonio on hot summer days.


There are excellent restaurants, and it’s is a nice break from walking. The restaurants all have indoor and outdoor seating. Plus there is a food court inside that provided fast food choices, and there are many restaurants like MargaritaVille, Hooters, Johnny Rocket’s, Chili’s, Yard House, and Morton’s Steakhouse. There’s an outdoor plaza which is located on the lowest level where there are live music performances. There are also numerous hotels in the neighboring area, including a Marriott right next to the mall, and numerous restaurants just a short walk away through the River Walk.

Lots of stores

This is an entertaining mall. They are currently developing it, and soon there will be an aquarium and some variety of Lego Land play area. Hotels are very close, so you can walk over to check the stores out. It’s an excellent place to stop to take a break in the AC if you’ve been walking around in the sun all day and grab an ice cream from Ghiradelli’s. Stop by the Disney store for your little guy. There is a fun spice shop if you want unique souvenirs. They also have kids play area where our toddler could climb and play, and we could relax for a bit. There are also adorable little shops like the Sweet Shop that is full of childhood candies in various sizes along with fun novelty gifts. If local gifts are something you are looking for the mall holds several Texas-themed shops that can fill that for you. H&M, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secrets and The Disney Store are the leading department store you’re sure to find something you love. Head over to the Wandering Cowboys, Gamestop, Build-a-Bear, a Pokemon store. It is definitely worth going on a shopping trip. There are some amusements like a movie theatre, IMAX, improved comedy club, and Dave & Buster’s too. An Avis car rental office is also in the mall with convenient times of operation. Parking is accessible in the River Center parking garage. Make sure to carry your parking ticket with you as you have to pay at a ticket machine by the elevators before you leave the mall.


Last but not least, the mall is clean, and it offered the traditional stores as well as specialty shops catered to tourists such as Texas themed stores. It has walls of glass that looks very pretty and safe at night.

If you’re ever at “ Shops at River Center ” and need to visit biotechwater , here’s the driving directions.

McNay Art Museum

Are you a lover of a modern museum? Visit the McNay Museum in San Antonio, and you will discover a lot of artifacts you have never thought existed. This museum was founded by McNay back in the 1950s. Here you can find art corrections from medieval times to the modern work of icons like Paul Cezanne and Edward Hopper.Although the building was initially intended to be a home, it now hosts over 20 thousand pieces of art.The compound of this museum is vast with an area of 23 acres which is adorned by fountains, lawns and a giant fish pond. Below are some of the activities you can do and see in this extraordinary museum. Also don’t miss to visit Majestic Theatre if you are in San Antonio.

Discover the Medieval and Renaissance Art

Art is old as man. It preceded language as a mode of communication.During medieval age, art was perfected. There were more artists in the middle ages than there are today. Cameras and videos have reduced the number of artists. That is the reason why you need to visit the McNay museum to discover how life was like and the way people thought about what they saw. You can have a chance to compare modern art and ancient work and decide which is more effective in communicating.

See Exhibition by Different Artist

This museum has over 20000 artistic pieces. They are collected from international and nationally renowned artists. You will find pieces from art giants like Paul Gauguin, Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt, and many others.Each artist has his signature work.When you visit this museum, you will realize that you can never exhaust or satisfy your urges for fine art, drawing, painting, and sculptures. You can also be a judge and decide who is the best artist of all times.

Plan a Wedding at McNay

The McNay museum is beautiful outside and inside. The rooms are well kept and just amazing. There are water fountains and many types of scenery to take photographs. If you are planning for a wedding, you can contact them for a proposal. There is no better place to hold a garden wedding in San Antonio than in the McNay Museum.

Be Surprised with New Artifacts

If you visit a museum many times, you will tend to get bored because of seeing the same pieces over and over again. You cannot get tired of visiting the McNay Museum because there are new artifacts every year.People are always eager to know what is new so that they can have a glimpse of it.If this is your first visit or even your tenth, there is always something you have never seen because there is so much to see in this museum.


Since the day the McNay museum opened its doors to the public back in 1954, many have enjoyed the great work of art it offers.It hosts art from Europe and America both medieval and contemporary.This is a museum worth your visit because since you can find any genre of art.

If you’re ever at “McNay Art Museum” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

Majestic Theatre

If you really love theater shows, then book for a show in the Majestic Theater of San Antonio. You need to feed your mind as frequently as you do to your body. A theaters best places to let your imagination out believe in anything. There are many theaters in San Antonio, but the best and most thrilling is the Majestic Theater of San Antonio. It is so famous that you have to book early despite the fact that it has a sitting capacity of over 3000 people. If you have not visited a theater of late, this is the time to explore what this theater has to offer. Along with other attractions in San Antonio like San Antonio Mission National Historical Park and others the Majestic Theater of San Antonio has distinguished itself from the other theaters because of its exciting shows. You may ask why you should visit the place; this question will be answered below in details.

Unbelievable Lightnings

A theater is all about the lights. Light helps you to appreciate what is being shown on the stage. One thing that will fascinate you at the Majestic Theater is the lighting inside this magnificent building. It is said that the bulbs were positioned after consultation with the National Geographic Society. The bulbs appear like real stars. This phenomenon will take you to a world of fantasy as you observe the great work of art.

The Almost Real Stuffed Birds

Apart from the famous peacock, you will notice other twenty-seven stuffed birds in this theater. It has the most extensive collection of stuffed birds in Texas. The most outstanding of all stuffed birds is the white peacock which looks real. You do not need to struggle to see all these parched birds as they are visible around the auditorium area.

All the stuffed birds here appear as if they can fly at any moment. When you see the majestic peacock move, you will doubt if it is stuffed. You will notice this peacock which has a huge ball that seems to rotate under his feet. If you have never understood the true meaning of work of art, you will understand it by taking some time to observe this feature. It will create an everlasting memory in your mind.  

The Sitting Capacity

This theater has a sitting capacity of 3700 people. Just imagine enjoying a play surrounded by thousands of people, all in silence and focusing on what is happening on the stage. Sounds great right? That will be the best experience ever, and it is worth your time. The seats are scientifically arranged such that no single person can miss a glimpse of any part of the play in the stage.

Parting Shot

If you are looking for a theater that will remind you of the great entertainment of old days, then the Majestic Theater of San Antonio is the place you should be. Here you will compare the old plays with the modern work of art and decide which is richer. From the great work of art to the fantastic plays performed in the theater, it is worth your time and visit.  Select what is showing on their website and book on time.

If you’re ever at “ Majestic Theatre” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.

San Antonio Mission National Historical Park

Are you planning for a visit to Texas? A lot of other places like Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch but there is no better place to learn the history of Texas than the San Antonio National Historical Park. These monuments are so rich in history that they are already internationally known as the Spanish frontiers to the New World. In the 1700sthe lives of indigenous people of Texas changed forever.Deadly diseases from Mexico, the drought and the arrival of the Spanish with a new religion altered the culture of Indians. They changed their way of life, but you can still find essential artifacts that were left. The Catholic Church started four missions in this land to Christianize the population. You can visit these missions to learn history and enjoy the many artifacts which were built centuries ago.Below are three missions in this national park.They are miles from each other so prepare to do a lot of travelling.

The Mission Concepción

Mission Concepcion is the best preserved of all. All structures of this mission are almost intact today. The architectures were very particular in their designs.If you happen to be there around August 15th, do not fail to experience the double solar illumination effect.The western entrance is aligned to the sunset to give thisunbelievable phenomenon.It was made this way to commemorate the Assumption of Mary. Remember everything which built here by the Catholic Church. You can learn a lot of Catholicismfrom the design and artifacts of the Mission Concepcion.

The Mission Espada

Imagine you can still find a functional church today at Mission Espada after many centuries.  It was established to convert indigenous people to Catholicism.The Spanish were also interested in halting the France conquest of the New World. Visit this mission and see first hand how the clothes were made using mechanical spins. You will see the wool making demonstration if you visit on Tuesday afternoon. You will be awed by the Espada aqueducts which were built in 1748 and are still functionaltoday.

The San Juan Capistrano

The San Juan Capistrano is the most beautiful of all missions. You can walk in the Yanaguana trail which runs parallel to the famous San Antonio River. There is a lot to see in this green trail. Turtles, owls, and snakes are the most loved animals to observe as you leisurely walk along the river.  This is an oasis from the noisy city life because of its quiet appearance and wildlife. There are several demonstration farms you can visit to learn how the mission grew its food.


The SanAntonio National Historical Park comprises of four missions whose importance to the Texan history is unmatched. To preserve these historical sites, UNESCO has made this park a world heritage site. As you transverse these missions, remember they are four of the five Spanish frontiers to America. These missions made Texas in particular and America in general to be what they are today. The adaption of the Spanish culture opened doors to the migration of people from Europe to the New World.

If you’re ever at “ San Antonio Mission National Historical Park” and need to visit, here’s the driving directions.