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Using Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems in propagation houses for new plant starts or for maintaining plants in greenhouses or hydroponic growing is not earth-shattering news. Many professional growers have depended upon this technology for decades.
It is a proven fact that when root hairs on plants are saturated with water having a lower Total Dissolved Solids (T.D.S.) content, it causes several things to occur:
Water penetrates the soil faster … less water used in irrigation.
Greater transpiration of moisture from the root hairs to the leaf tips, flowers, fruits, or vegetables occurs.
Reverse Osmosis water greatly reduces scale problems caused by Inorganic Minerals, Heavy Metals, Gasses, and other unwanted substances often found in untreated water.
Many growers are plagued with scale build-up problems on leaves, roots, and in the soil. One of the problems such scale crystalline build up (from inorganic minerals) can cause is light refraction off the leaf tops resulting in the reduction of light and Ultra Violet absorption (Photosynthesis). Another commonly occurring problem is when the capillary action draws the moisture up under the leaf, the coating of the scale build up under a leaf can cause restraining of the absorption of the natural gasses (Stomatal Transpiration) that the plant demands for good health and growth. Scale build up on root hairs slows down absorption of moisture and natural or supplemented nutrients from the soil. Growth supplements and fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides dissolve more thoroughly when blended with water that has a lower Total Dissolved Solids count, resulting in greater penetration of the supplement and healthier plant growth. When root production is stimulated, healthier plants mean less culling, shorter growing time and more products to market. The end result is monetary savings and increased crop profits. A final benefit recognized through the use of Reverse Osmosis water is the elimination of the problem created by mineral scale build-up on equipment which results in undue wear and tear. Drip emitters and spray heads will be free of mineral buildup, injection pumps will operate more efficiently without maintenance and breakdowns.
Now all that is left is the decision of what product line and what company you feel that you want to trust your investment to. At BioTech Water Researchers we offer you the total package. The systems are not sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf with a model number, waiting to be sold. How much better could it be than to work with trained professionals who offer a complete package? At BioTech Water Researchers we work with you the consumer from start to finish, on an individual basis. We know this will be a long term relationship with you. We first design and build a custom system for your exact needs. This eliminates excuses why your system didn’t work “As Advertised”. We offer complete installations internationally, backed up with the fine service that has made BioTech Water Researchers grow so successfully in over a quarter of a century of its trustworthy lifetime. Such a reputation of integrity has resulted in the wonderful referrals which our customers have shared over nearly 30 years here in San Antonio.
At BioTech Water Researchers, we do not sell “Price Tags” or “Good Deals”,
we sell Proven Results with an Impeccable Reputation and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

~ Customer Reviews ~

Dear Hank,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with our water softener and our Reverse Osmosis system that we bought from you. We have had them now for 17 years and have never had a problem with them. They are still working as well as the day they were installed. We are very happy that we chose BioTech and would recommend your product to anyone.

Al and Angela M. - Homeowners, San Antonio​

Purchased whole house softener and RO for kitchen. Everything was done professionally and on time and for less that competition charges. Hank is good man to deal with and we couldn’t be happier. Maybe I will sell him my Harley 🙂

Tom Hohmann

First, I’d like to begin by stating that I knew nada about water softeners before I knew I needed one. In fact, I only decided to look into water softeners because the Sweetwater company, which had a sales concession at Home Depot, was giving away e-cards for free water testing. Well, after the water testing, I felt like I was on an episode of “Fear Factor” – I couldn’t believe I allowed hard water into my home. So began my journey to buy a water softener, which would be precluded by many interviews with many companies. They all sounded great….and eerily similar. However, there was something different about the owner of BioTech. I thought he was arrogant at first, when he asked me to interview him after all the others so I could “save the best for last.” Such a boastful comment meant I’d be a little tougher on this guy than I was with the other companies. I now have a complete home refinement unit that I definitely believe in and I feel great about. Selecting BioTech is looking to be the best decision I’ve made since purchasing my home. Thanks, Hank!

John A

After considering several vendors of water softeners and reverse osmosis water conditioners we selected Hank and BioTech. Quality of product, warranty, cost and foremost, integrity of the owner made our decision easy. Promptness, professionalism, technical knowledge, long history and tidiness of the installers, made us comfortable that we had made the BEST choice. Buy BioTech, you can t get better!

Terry C. in San Antonio, TX

We were very pleased with our experience. The owner is the one who comes to your home and he doesn’t try to do a hard sell. He just explains what he has to offer and can make comparisons with other systems out there. His technicians were very courteous and did the install during the “Stay at Home” and worked extra hard to invade our home as little as possible. We were appreciative. They even sprayed disinfectant to help aid with any risk. They left no mess which we appreciated.

Tim F.

I got quotes from 4 companies and went with Biotech. I am very impressed with the product, the professionalism, knowledge of the owner, and the long history. The installers were prompt and very neat. Everything was carefully explained and all my questions were answered. It was a great experience and I look forward to having this same company do the annual service. Highly Recommend them!

Lynn J. in San Antonio, TX

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