aqua-mechanical-next-scale-stop-systemsTemplate Induced Crystallization

This is the newest form of water softening and works very differently from the other methods. The process starts by taking the hard water that is to undergo the process of water softening. After that, the water is passed through a small tank which will be responsible for treating it. In the reservoir, all the magnesium and calcium minerals which are present are going to be converted to their crystal forms. When the minerals are in their crystal forms, they will not be able to cause any damage such as clogging into pipes and home appliances. It is a very simple method which only requires a special tank where all the treatment is going to occur.

Advantages of Template Induced Crystallization

No energy is needed for the process to occur.

The whole process takes a very short amount of time.

The alkalinity and acidity of the minerals found in the hard water are reduced.

No maintenance is required for the tanks.

No special skills or professionalism is needed for an individual to handle the tank.

Disadvantages of Template Induced Crystallization

The minerals which are magnesium and calcium are not discarded altogether. They are just crystallized and therefore, they are in an inactive mode.


I would propose this method among all the other methods used for water softening. It is because it does not consume energy, skills or even maintenance. The only necessary tool is a tank where all the treatment will take place. This is a modern technology and serves just as good if not better than the other methods because it does not also require a lot of money to set up the equipment. It is a method that should be adopted by all households that want water free from minerals and other bacteria.